Apolonia Nowak

Apolonia Nowak


Gwiazda. A. NowakShe is a renowned Polish folk artist from the village of Kadzidł, also known as the most beautiful voice of the contemporary Kurpie region (East Poland). Like her mother and her grandmother, Apolonia Nowak has been involved in the arts from early childhood. Her paper cuts can be found in many museums and galleries, some also featuring among the papal collection. Prizes include some of the highest folk art awards, such as the Polish Minister of Culture prize, the Kazimierz Golden Tower, the Oskar Kolberg prize, and the Polish Radio award.

For the exhibition ‘Exotic Poland’ the artist agreed to prepare a series of paper cutouts.

Florale Motive, ApoloniaNowal

Leluja, Apolonia Nowak