Exotic Poland

Maria Stachnal, kogutyRajski Ptak. Maria StachnalDanuta Wojda, wycinanka ażurowaDanuta Wojda, KogutyGwiazda. A. Nowak


Exotic Poland, Zwerge von Katarzyna Krzykawska, Foto M. ProsinskaScherenschnitte von Apolonia Nowak, Foto M. ProsinskaScherenschnitte von Maria Stachnal, Foto Rico HechtExotic Poland, Zwerge von Katarzyna Krzykawska, Foto M. ProsinskaScherenschnitte von M. Stachnal, Foto P. Borowiec / Borodesign

Exotic Poland. Paper cutouts from Mazovia.

Venue: Borodesign, Mainzer Str. 15, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

We will be open durring the Nachtundnebel Festival (Night and Fogg Festival) on the 5.11 from 18h00.

They belong to the most interesting and original expressions of Polish folk art. During the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the timeless beauty and the special techniques of paper cutting through works produced by well known Polish artists. In the past, paper cuts were produced by women in villages to decorate home interiors during the holidays. They were a rare commodity, as paper was a luxury good. Today, the decorative beauty of these works is becoming increasingly popular. Paper cuts are works of art at the highest level and are known to decorate luxury town apartments.

Part of the ‘Exotic Poland’ exhibition will show the work of Katarzyna Krzykawska, a sculptor from Krakow. Garden gnomes painted with traditional Polish patterns will be placed on the streets of Neukölln to inform visitors about the art of polish paper cutting and what the exhibition has to offer. The garden gnomes bring the exotic art of paper cutting closer to neighbouring Germany in a more relaxed and playful manner. Decorating the mass produced garden gnomes with abstract, traditional paper cuts transforms them into pop-objects. Above all, they also highlight particular aspects of the German - Polish relationship.

If you like to see the exhibition on another day please contact us to make an appointment.

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