Festiwal Otwarte Ogrody

Śniadanie na trawie, Rodzina Skotnickich, Podkowa Leśna, lata 1920stePodkowa Leśna, warsztat: Jak dbać o zabytkowy ogród            Zalesie Dolne 2008, symboliczne-otwieranie-ogrodu przez prof. A. Bissenika i M. Prosińską, zdj. J. ProsińskiJan Skotnicki, Podkowa Leśna, lata 1930steMilanówek, Willa Borówka, M. Koszuta

Rodzina Bolesława Teodozjusza Jankowskiego u Kazimierza Gayczaka (Podkowa Leśna, 1930r.)As we walk the quiet streets past high fences overgrown with vines, and glimpse only the dark trunks of old apple trees, wouldn’t we love to be invited inside to wander these lush, secret gardens where only birds are free to nest without permission?

During the Open Garden Festival our wishes come true…we find the gates to the enchanted gardens open. Their residents welcome us; they tell their stories to visitors from afar and from across the street. Local artists enliven these quiet, often historic places with music and art. Activities include professional workshops, conferences, guided walking tours, exhibits and performances. Visitors who wander through our garden-towns during the Festival days experience their history and natural beauty and glimpse the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the “Land of garden - cities”.